Provisional schedule

Friday 17 January
9:15-09:45 Registration and opening remarks

Session 1: Introducing Procopius I chair James Howard-Johnston (Oxford)
09:45-10:15 Averil Cameron (Oxford), “Writing about Procopius then and now”
10:15-11:00 Geoffrey Greatrex (Ottawa), “Perceptions of Procopius in recent scholarship”

11:00-11:15 Coffee break

Session 2: Introducing Procopius II chair Michael Featherstone (CNRS/Oxford)
11:15-12:00 Juan Signes Codoñer (Valladolid), “Procopius’ works: some reflections on dating and genres”
12:00-12:45 Henning Börm (Konstanz), “Procopius, his predecessors and the Genesis of the Secret History

12:45-13:45 Lunch

Session 3: Reading the Wars chair Michael Whitby (Birmingham)
13:45-14:30 Conor Whately (Winnipeg), “Bessas, Belisarius and Procopius”
14:30-15:15 Charles Pazdernik (Grand Valley State), "Reinventing Theoderic in Procopius' Gothic War"
15:15-16:00 Maria Kouroumali (Independant), "Ἔργα καὶ Λόγοι: the Role of Speeches in Procopius’ Gothic War"

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

Session 4: Procopius and the supernatural chair Tim Whitmarsh (Oxford)
16:30- 17:15 Caterina Franchi (Oxford), "A tale of two world: demons in Procopius' Secret History"
17:15-18:00 Elodie Turquois (Oxford), “Supernatural and panegyric in the Buildings

Saturday 18 January
Session 5: Parallel histories I chair Peter Bell (Oxford)
9:15-10:00 Alan Ross (Oxford/Kwazulu Natal), "Authority and participation in late antique historiography: Ammianus and Procopius compared"
10:00-10:45 Marion Kruse (Ohio State), “Competing Histories in the Sixth Century: Justinian and Prokopios”
10:45-11:30 Ian Colvin (Cambridge), “Comparing Agathias and Procopius”

11:30-11:45 Coffee break

Session 6: Parallel histories II chair Geoffrey Greatrex (Ottawa)
11:45-12:30 James Murray (King’s College London), “Procopius and Boethius: Christian Philosophy in the Persian Wars
12:30-13:15 Simon Ford (Koç), “No Good Samaritans: the Samaritan revolt in Procopius and the Samaritan chronographic tradition”

13:15-14:15 Lunch

Session 7: International relations in Procopius chair Mark Whittow (Oxford)
14:15-14:55 Miranda Williams (Oxford), “‘Among the Berbers there is neither fear of God nor respect for men’: The North African tribes in Procopius’ Vandalic War
14:55-15:25 Christopher Lillington-Martin (Taunton School International), “Extracting military strategies from Procopius”
15:25-16:15 Alexander Sarantis (Kent), “Roman or barbarian? Political loyalties and ethnic identities in the Balkans according to Procopius”

16:15-16:30 Coffee break

Session 8: The aftermath: reception and transmission chair Marc Lauxtermann (Oxford)
16:30-17:15 Marek Jankowiak (Oxford), “Procopius of Caesarea and his Byzantine successors”
17:15-18:00 Federico Montinaro (Cologne), “De hac re quieti estote: publishing Procopius on the Rhine”